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Shoreline Interactive Performance Marketing for Health & Wellness

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Performance Marketing for Health & Wellness

MedSpa, Cryotherapy, Lasik, Cosmetic Dental, Personal Training, Chiropractic 

Our Services

Local SEO 

Google is sending less traffic to websites from their search results.

To win in the local search engine optimization game you need to be mindful of where users click on the search results and the best way to rise to the top.

Local SEO is a technic to gain additional placement across the search results, outside of paying for search ads.


Shoreline has been in the local space for a decade and can help. 

Pay Per Lead

The team is dedicated to giving our clients what they want - LEADS!

Yes, we have a pure Pay per Lead program that will only charge you for real inquiries. All leads come with a name, an email and phone number.


Our leads come from expertise in social media, we take on all the risk, work with your team, white label ads or branding. 

No Risk, Performance based Leads 

Video & CTV

Many health & wellness business' are not taking advantage of the most powerful medium in digital; video. Video is growing at an exponential rate on the small screen and the large screen, via connected TV's

Video and Connected Television is the fastest growing market online because your next customer is likely skipping commercials but still watching online video because they are forced to do so. 

We understand this market and can help.

About Us

Shoreline Interactive was founded over a decade ago, delivering effective digital solutions to local markets, working with brands like Home Depot, Direct Buy, and supporting regional Ad Agencies as a white label solution. As the digital ad space matured, we moved to a consultancy, spending our time with start-ups and local businesses that needed to grow their clients and sales.

What we proved over the last decade is that results matter and results sit at a cross section of analytics, optimization, ad creative and client expectations. As the early low hanging fruit of PPC became saturated and new mediums across social and local SEO burgeoned, we seized the opportunity and developed successful strategies that work. So much so, that we have given birth to a performance agency that doesn't ask for heavy retainers or strategic calls. We minimize the amount of choices we need to make by putting only vetted options in our path. We partner with the best of the best, some well known and others we’ve discovered ourselves. 

Today we honed our skill set to focus on the Health and Wellness business; Med Spas, Chiropractors, Eye Care Professionals, Dentists, Trainers and local professionals to grow sales. Our focus is to begin with a promise of only paying for leads, delivered to your business month after month. Growing the relationship most likely means expanding to our Local SEO solutions.

As your business continues to expand, we begin to analyze the opportunity of online video and delivering ads on the connected television. No better way to communicate your value, drive new customers, and establish your business then through a digital commercial.

One of our core tenants is to only work with one business in a selected city/ area so we offer our clients exclusivity. 

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